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What Does a Full Car Service Include?

You know you’re legally required to get an MOT every year, so you might be wondering, why should you get a car service too? While an MOT is important to ensure your car is roadworthy, a full car service comes with a range of benefits. In this post, we’ll show you what a full car service at our garage in Maidstone includes and why you should book one with us.

What is a car service?

A full car service checks the condition of your car and makes sure it’s running efficiently. Everything is assessed from the general wear and tear to the fluids, brakes, engine, and more.

The service you receive will differ depending on the make and model of the car, but you can be sure you’ll receive a comprehensive service tailored to your vehicle.

What does a full car service include?

There are 50 components that make up a full car service, including system checks and adjustments. At King Street Motor Services in Maidstone, servicing includes:

  • Engine oil change and filter replacement
  • Checks for lights, tyres, exhaust, brakes, and steering
  • Engine tuning
  • Hydraulic fluid and coolant level top-ups
  • Cooling system checks
  • Suspension checks
  • Steering alignment
  • Car battery condition check

Why should I have my car serviced?

If you’re on the fence about booking a full vehicle service, there are a couple of crucial reasons why you should.

1.     Reduces the chance of a costly breakdown

Taking care of your car prevent small problems from becoming large ones. Although you have to pay upfront for a service, you’ll save on costly repairs in the future. For example, unchanged oil can cause engine breakdowns which are extremely costly to fix.

2.     Save money on fuel

A well-maintained car is more affordable to run so you’ll save yourself some money on fuel. Servicing means your engine and components are running efficiently, making your car as fuel-efficient as possible.

3.     Longer car lifespan

It goes without saying that a car that is regularly serviced will last longer. You’ll be able to forgo buying a new car for a few more years since yours will run well for longer.

Not to mention, it will be easier to sell when the time comes. People look for used cars with a full history to make sure they won’t be faced with problems down the road.

Book a car service in Maidstone

If we’ve convinced you that a car service is a great (and affordable) investment for your vehicle, why not get a free quote from our team at King Street Motor Services? We provide full car servicing for all makes and models and offer top-quality customer service for all of our customers. Call today for a quick, free quote: 01732 843135


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