Caring for Morris Minor

Expert Tips for Looking After Your Morris Minor

When it comes to classic cars, they require a little more care and attention than a newer model. Vintage motors are collectors’ items and the pride and joy of their owners. If you own a Morris Minor and you’re looking for tips for better upkeep and maintenance, here are some tips from our Morris Minor specialists in Maidstone.

Keep the fluids topped up

The most important thing you can do for your Morris Minor is keeping the fluids topped up. Having the optimum level of premium oil and water will stop the car from overheating and help it run smoothly.

Make sure to keep a close eye on the gauges and top up your levels as needed.

Drive it monthly

If your classic car is roadworthy, you should drive it at least once a month. The main issue we see with old cars is a lack of use. Your Morris Minor needs to be put through its paces – turn the wheel, use the gears, engage the tyres. When it’s left to sit still for too long, the components dry up and leaks develop.

Using it just once a month will prolong its life by blowing out dampness and condensations and keeping all the components in working order.

Mild soap to wash

When it comes to cleaning, keep it simple. All you need is a soft rag, mild automotive soap, and finish. A soft towel afterwards will buff and help maintain the paint.

But don’t use regular dish soap. Car wash formulas are made to protect the wax coating and prevent damage – normal soap will strip the wax off and can lead to rust.

Store it inside if possible

Never park your Morris Minor on dirt or gravel, it will force moisture up inside the car and contribute to degradation. It’s best to store your vintage car in a garage where it’s away from dirt and gravel and out of direct sunlight. This is another factor that can accelerate the damage to paintwork. The sun can also discolour interior fabrics which can be hard to replace.

Get a regular service in Maidstone

The final step of taking care of your Morris Minor is booking it in for regular maintenance. At King Street Motor Services in Maidstone, we are specialists in repairing and maintaining classic cars. We can give your Morris Minor a full service to top up fluids, change the oil, and check all the working parts to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We can source the very best parts if required and are known for our full restorations. To speak to an expert about your Morris Minor, call us now: 01732 843135


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